Now the traditional mexican game "El Balero" (Mexican cup-and-ball or Mexican ball in a cup) is available for iPhone/iPod Touch ! yehaaa !

Like in the "real Balero", the aim of the game is to toss the Balero upwards and then to catch it with the stick.

In this new version of the "Balero", the iPhone/iPod Touch will be used to toss the Balero upwards (the iPhone/iPod Touch will be like the stick in the traditional Balero). The game uses the accelerometer in order to detect the force that will be used to toss the Balero.

Many advantages exists with respect to the traditional "Balero": you don't need to count the points made by each player the game will do that for you.
Additional you can change the aspect of the Balero by choosing one of the Photos from your Photo Library ! and play viewing your favorite Photo !

The actual version of the game has the following features:

  • It works for iPhone/iPod Touch (with iPhone OS 3.0 and later)
  • It has two of the most used tricks of the Balero: "Columpiado" and "Capirucho"
  • It implements two types of games: 500 points and Timed (against the clock)
  • It can be played by one or two players
  • It can change the texture of the Balero with any photo of the Photo Library
  • It stores the preferences, so you don't need to configure them every time


Types of Games and its rules

Timed rules:
  • The goal of the game is to make as many points as possible before the time is up
  • It can be played by one or two players
  • In the two players game, the game will count the points made by each player and at the end the game will indicate who is the winner of the match (the winner will be the one that made more points)
  • Each player will start with the "Columpiado" (1 point) and once it is succesfully made it can continue with as many as possible "Capiruchos" (1 point).
  • Once the players fails he will always start with the sequence: Columpiado,Capirucho,Capirucho,...,etc.
  • The timer can be configured (max 24 hours)

500 Points rules:
  • It can be played by one or two players
  • In the single player game, the goal is to reach 500 points in the less number of throws
  • In the two players game, the winner is the one who reach 500 points and an "Exit Throw" before the opponent and considering also an equal number of turns
  • The game starts as follows:
    • Each player will start with the Trick "Columpiado" (40 points) ("Entry Throw"), if made (successful throw), it can continue making as many "Capiruchos" (20 points) as possible until it fails
    • Once it fails the turn will correspond to the next player that will start with the same sequence (Columpiado, Capirucho, Capirucho, etc)
    • Once a player reach 500 points he will proceed with the "Exit Throw" (that is a "Columpiado")
    • If the "Exit Throw" is successful and both of the players have the same number of turns that player will be the winner, in other case, the player needs to wait until the opponent's performs its last turn, this is the last chance of the opponent to tied the game
    • If the "Exit Throw" is failed, the opponent has the chance to tied and maybe win the game. To win the game the "Exit Throw" must be successfully performed.
    • If both players perform successfully the "Exit Throw" in its last turn, the game will be tied.
    • If the game is Tied, the game begins an "Untied Process", where the goal is to make more successful throws than your opponent. The first player will start with the untied process. This phase can also result into a tied game, if that is the case, the Untied process will start again and will end until one of the players make more successful throws that the other, that is until a winner is found !